Wednesday, May 14, 2014


What to write?

Plan to work in Vienna soon is cancelled and I should finish my MS studies within a year (if my request for readmission is granted).

I need to find Ninongs and Ninangs for my wedding next year. It sucks that I don't have good relationships with older people or bosses in the office.

Speaking of the office, how do I find motivation in doing my job? It does not excite me anymore but I can't find a replacement that would pay as well. The multitude of projects are not that exciting and I'm not sold to the vision. Good thing there's ping pong.

Goals for the next week are to finish the "Twitstagram" project I'm working on and hopefully get more users for my Buy and sell books in the Philippines website. I should send write-up proposals to news outlets. It never hurts to try. Or does it?

Oh! And I've reached my wedding budget so I'm thinking I can invest it in a food franchise (maybe). I don't know, but that would be exciting.

Birthday wishlist:
A. Trip to Europe
B. Parker ballpen. The type in the image below, not the usual ones:

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Anonymous said...

Another eurotrip, my dearest! Letsdothis. :-*