Monday, December 29, 2008

Varicella Zoster: Day 2

Can't accurately say if it's the second day of my Chicken pox really. But for counting's sake, I'll start with i=2. i=0 when I felt the fever and flu-like symptoms and i=1 when I noticed the first sign of chicken pox (a spot on my finger).

It's not so unexpected though. Three of my students had the disease before we went for the Christmas break.

So right now, with so much things to do for my teaching and study load, plus my task as cluster system administrator which I have so much to do (lagot ako kay Doc Raffy...), I am lying in my brother's room (aka make-shift quarantine area) and doing a little internet browsing which I can't do for very long (except for posting this entry).

Here are some photos of my current situation which I plan to document everyday. (At least for the spots and blisters)

I wear a face mask everytime I go out of the "quarantine area".

Even my siblings wear face masks.

Check out the quarantine area... Believe me, it's worse when my brother is using it (except for the food tray maybe).

And finally, the spots and blisters (the highlight of this post).


Front Torso (pardon the "parang natatae" stance, I was squatting in this photo to level with the camera)

Back Torso

For those of you wishing to see butt or even genital exposure, i'm sorry. Send me a PM, maybe I can send one to you through e-mail.

Btw, as of the moment, this illness has already cost me:

1. Doctor's consultation fee: 250
2. Medicines: 1000
- Isoprinosine (28 tablets, 22.25 per tablet)
- Cetirizine (14 tablets, 23.85 per tablet)
3. Transpo fee for Carlo because he had to deliver something for me: (1000 - 300): 700. The 300 pesos was if I made the delivery myself. haha.

Finally, I wish I could photoshop the marks on my skin after it's over.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

What a way to start 2009

No need for me to buy round fruits or wear polkadot clothes. Already got them round stuff on my skin (i.e. Chicken pox). Guess it'll be a very lucky and prosperous 2009 for me.

On the contrary however (I quote myself with what I told my mother):

Bakit ba gusto ng mga tao mga bilog kapag new year? Dapat rectangle para papel, hindi lang barya. Pwede rin cheke.
Sadly though, I'll be missing the hike to Mt. Pulag, the highest peak in Luzon and second in the Philippines with my UP classmates scheduled on Jan. 2-4. I was looking forward to using my hiking bag for the first time on an actual hiking trip (used it during my trip to Malaysia). Maybe I have to wait for the next time... :-( Hope they organize another one pretty soon.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Look at what the girlfriend got me for christmas

It's not the Canon EF 24-105 f4L IS lens I was asking for but it's also not bad at all. :-)

The package delivered by DHL

The gift wrapped in a white wrapper and a red "ribbon"

Outside the gift wrap

Outside the packaging

The merchandise

With a personalized message not everybody can relate to.

Those who might want to get personalized shuffles delivered to your special someones, here a link to the apple store.

It's designed in California but will be shipped from China, as what the "From" field in the DHL delivery box says.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Merry! Hope you have fun during the holidays.