Tuesday, July 28, 2009

me likey...

vain kung vain. :)

Thanks for uploading, jumie-san.
And thanks for the free airfare papi... :-*

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 7

I realized, this 100PHP challenge is making me thinner...
And so it ends... Ha3

I ended it with a Ken Afford Sinigang na baboy for dinner=Happiness!!!

Too bad I don't have anything to blog about everyday...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 6

Today was a case of forgetfulness and "the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak."

I forgot about the 100 pesos budget and spent 100 PHP already on large Nutrilicious Chocolate Large (35) and Chicken Kalbi (65). When we were going to have dinner, the decision to eat at Red Ribbon meant only one thing: Salisbury steak meal + extra rice (137 + 12). The meal already included a free cake. :D
This incident lead to an introduction of a new rule to the 100-a-day challenge. MONDAYS are excluded. hahaha. :P

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 5

Spent the whole day at home trying to motivate myself to do the things to do. Instead I ended up watching prison break re-runs and the first episodes of Gossip Girl which I haven't seen before...

Expenses for the day:

Dinner: 46PHP - Sinigang na bangus with extra rice. San ka pa!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 4


Lunch: 55 (Bulalo)
Dinner: 44 (Tuna and Rice) --> Reliving good old college days. It's been years since I had my very own recipe of century tuna with all-purpose cream. Of course the cream was part of the grocery expenses this week.

Gardenia: 41
Magnolia Fresh Milk: 62.50
Nestle All-purpose Cream: 40
Nissin Mini-cup Seafood: 13.75
Lucky Me Pancit Canton (2): 15.40
Lucky Me Noodles (2): 13
Presto Cream Choco: 9.95
Fuji Apple: 35

TOTAL: 278.10

sixth cellphone ever

Say hello to my new phone, a Nokia 1661. It's a bit of a downgrade from my Motorola W230 because this one doesn't have an MP3 player and the alarm clock only supports a single alarm (whereas W230 can have up to five alarm times; very useful especially when I accidentally press the "disable" button instead of the "snooze"). It has a flashlight though...

Looking back to the post I made about my fifth phone, I shouldn't despair at all. I pegged the lifespan of that phone to 6 months but had it for more than a year. It's like it had two lives (or something, basta times two!) :)

Additional note: I realized that owning a Sun Cellular seems practical so I'm getting a second one, a second hand from Pael.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 3

Went a little bit over budget today. That's besides the fact that I ate lunch at the Ateneo faculty day celebration (and ran afterwards).

McDo Chicket fillet with rice: 42
Siomai sa LRT: 29
Jolibee: 30
Transpo: 7+15

TOTAL: 123 (if you don't count the transpo expenses that's just a peso over the limit...) --> excuses... haha

But I bought a new phone(Nokia XXXX) to replace the lost one. I was tempted to buy the Nokia 3310 reconfigured/repaired model (800) because no one seems to be still using that model (and that's a phone that I would not feel too sad losing). Anyway, the one I bought costs 2450. I also bought a Sun sim card (for a 100 PHP) because the SIM I got from globe wasn't activated yet and I needed to use the phone... Btw, the new SIM from Globe also costs 100.

So all in all, my total expenses for today is 2450+100+100+123 = 2773.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 2

Spent just 79 PHP today. hehe.

Breakfast: Left over Cheese Burger from McDo last Tuesday night.
Lunch: Salt and Pepper Ribs sa Caf (65 PHP)
Dinner: Sardines with egg --> from grocery supplies

Transpo to UP: 14 PHP

Yeah Boy!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 1

Bought groceries amounting 122 PHP:

1. Presto creams (peanut butter flavor)
2. 1 dozen eggs
3. 200 grams Quaker oats (Banana and honey)

Lunch and breakfast were "free": pancit canton and century tuna
Dinner: 48 PHP (Fried chicken)

Transpo to UP: 14 PHP

trip lang

At dahil kailangang ring magtipid... At pipilitin ko na hindi ito ang maling pagtitipid na mag-iipon tapos bibili ng isang mamahaling bagay.
Starting today, I will try to live on 100 pesos per day and 300 pesos of groceries per week. Already spent ~200 on groceries this week so I still have 100 for groceries later:
1 L Milk
6 Lucky Me Pancit canton
6 pcs. ensaymada
1 box of Nescafe (10 pcs.)
1 Century tuna
All proceeds will go to passive income generating shit stuff.
Teka, anliit lang din pala ng makukuha ko dito, kahit saan na lang mapunta yung extra.