Friday, September 26, 2008

admu is UAAP season 71 men's senior basketball champions

Congrats blue eagles!
Not the best way to win though. Lots of possible excuses.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

trading my 2 upper B tickets for 6 GA

Email if you're interested.

ateneo vs. la salle game 2 tickets

Makes me wonder... if I sold these, how much money could I get... Btw, I lined up for more than three hours for this one.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

ateneo-la salle game 1 tickets

These are the moments when I feel really privileged to be an Ateneo faculty.

Photo taken using my new web cam.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

don't work at ci-tech

This is actually my only way of getting back at them for being so slousy in giving me my form 2316 which I requested more than a month ago (I will erase this post when I get it). My salary in my current job as an instructor is being withheld because of my failure to submit this form. I called at least five times during the first two weeks to check the status but all the information I get is that Raymond (the HR manager) is talking to someone and he seems to be very busy and that I can call at a later time. I attempted to set an appointment but it seems nobody in their department knows how I can do that. I wouldn't want to just go there without an appointment and waste my time waiting for their precious attention. I got tired and re-submitted the request, this time asking them to indicate that they've received it. My plan is to follow up just once a month and if by December, I don't have the god damn form... I won't have money for Christmas. hehe...

From what I hear, this company is really notoriuos in treating resigned employees. In this Pinoy Exchange thread, you can read about the previous experiences of employees requesting for certificates of employment (Well, you can read a lot more different things about ci-tech in this forum, good and bad).

The title of this post could have been easily "Don't resign from ci-tech" because you'll have a hard time if you do. My stay there was actually enriching and I enjoyed working with my co-employees and received a relatively good pay. However, I don't want people to get the wrong impression. By the way, in case you don't know, ci-tech stands for Canon Information Technologies, Phils. Inc.

i'm back in business

After almost 10 days of being down, my Internet connection is finally back! The weird thing is that the damn modem didn't need fixing at all.

This morning, the on-site service crew from Globelines finally came after 6 days(the call center agent I talked to promised they'll be arriving before at most 5 days). Unfortunately, I was in the province so I had to reschedule their on-site repair to Tuesday. I wasn't very sad since I planned on bring the spare modem of my brother to use it for the meantime. However, to my dismay, his modem was "also" not working... And so, the desperate me tried connecting my old modem, which was supposed to be busted. And to my surprise, it worked! And so, my Internet connection if finally back! Unlimited access to online porn! bwahahahaha.

Friday, September 12, 2008

five basic needs: food, shelter, clothing, cellphone load, internet

After more than one week without an internet connection, I realized, connecting to the Internet is, nowadays a basic necessity. huhuhu. Of course the list wouldn't be complete without mobile phones. "Load kaysa tinapay!"

Well, that's all for this entry. I seem to run out of words when I attempt to write nowadays... Have a nice day. Life sucks without broadband.

Monday, September 1, 2008

how to go to hidalgo quiapo

Hidalgo is a photographer's heaven (at least in the Philippines). Well not actually for photographers in general, but photographers who want an upgrade on their cameras or want to buy camera accessories such as tripods, filters, lighting equipment etc, or those needing supplies such as printing, backgrounds, framing, etc. The prices are relatively cheaper than the market price. Why? I dunno. But I have an idea. Last year I bought my 430EX camera flash in Hidalgo. It's warranty is a US warranty. Anyways, I've been there a lot of times looking for supplies and camera accessories and the reason I'm writing this is to create a how to guide of going there:

1. From LRT2(Legarda Station) - take the Quiapo jeep, tell the driver to drop you off at Hidalgo.

Haha. That's all there is to it actually. I don't know other routes. But I'm sure if you're going you'll find plenty of ways to get to LRT2 Legarda station. Hidalgo is really very easy to find. It's just right in front of Quiapo church.