Monday, April 28, 2008

photographers in white

While browsing through photos I uploaded at my flickr account, I saw this photo of our JRM Photography crew, this time all wearing white. Holding the lights on our right is Arnel, our ever-reliable lightsman.

This photo was taken by one of the guests at the party using my Canon Digital Rebel XT.
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Friday, April 25, 2008

on travel

Recently, I have been exposed to the joys of travelling. I don't know, but I just like the feeling of travelling long hours and being several miles away from where I usually am. So right now, what we've been doing in the office is listing down places we'd like to visit.

Here's what's on my list (in no particular order):
1. Bohol
2. Mayon Volcano/Bicol
3. Pinatubo
4. Palawan
5. Pagudpud/Ilocos
6. Boracay
7. Mt. Apo
8. Spratlys
9. Batanes
10. Pagsanjan Falls
11. Mt. Makulot
12. Pico del Oro
13. Mt. Binukbok

I'm not yet writing destinations outside of the country because I can't afford them yet. Maybe in the future, I'll have a list of foreign destinations. But for now, these places will do. I'll be crossing out items from this list when I get to them. I'll be adding other destinations as well.
Hopefully, before I die, I have all items in this list crossed out. I also do hope that I don't die when all items are crossed out.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the real volcano crater

Since I saw a photo of the Taal volcano on a post card or on my grade school Civics text book, I thought that it was this island/mountain.

However, during our volcano trip last April 13, our tour guide corrected this belief. Actually, according to him, the whole lake is the crater of the volcano. There is also a "main" crater but it's also not on this island. Most people probably thought that this was the main volcano because of the large crater in it. It really is a crater in every sense of the word, but it is not a volcano crater. The real volcano crater is located on the island with the circle.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

taal volcano trip

There are several aspects of our journey to taal volcano I would like to include in this blog entry. These include our misconceptions about the volcano, a personal account of my experience going to the top of the volcano to see the crater, a post-mortem analysis of the trip to analyze what we should have done prior to the trip, and of course, thoughts about my UWA 10-22mm lens which I used exclusively to document this event.

But before we go into those aspects, I would like to outline how this trip became possible. This is specially for the benefit of those who want to see the volcano crater themselves.

1. Travel by land to Talisay, Batangas. Actually according to the Internet, you only need to travel to any town by the lake side.
2. Look for a boat. For our case, we employed the boats of Taal Yacht Club. A boat for six costs 1500 PHP.
3. After the ride, you'll probably be already in the island. You just have to walk a couple of hours to see the crater! Or you can also hire a horse if you have plenty of cash. A horse costs approx. 500 PHP.

Here's a view from the point where the crater is visible.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

photographers in black

A few weeks ago, we bought black long sleeves which will serve as our JRM Photography uniform. This morning, we used them in Rhen and Pham's wedding in Lipa City. Check out how gorgeous we are wearing them.

If you want to see us in your wedding or event, here's our packages.

Friday, April 11, 2008

my nicknames

Before I went to college, there were only two ways how people called me. These were by my two given names: "Rod" and "Michael". Rod at school and Michael at home. Currently, I am also called rodmaykel, roddo, roddovic and roddolicious. I also use roddominating as a name in DoTA. Here's how I got these nicknames.

1. rodmaykel. After my first year in AdMU, I realized that the e-mail address I was using was quite uncool (rod_michael_coronel) so I had to think of a bit cooler one. What came into mind was "rodmaykel", a crude way of spelling how my given name sounded when pronounced. When I began giving out my new contact info, some people started calling me this way. I even used this name in my ECE batch 2006 jacket when we had one. I'd like to show a photo of the jacket with my name clearly visible, unfortunately, I guess those photos were taken with my laptop. I had to grab this photo from my friendster account just to show you the jacket.

2. roddo. When we took Japanese as a foreign language course, we had "modify" our names so that it was spelled the Japanese way. Since we were quite having fun with our modified names, we started them regularly. So when my Japanese course classmates began to call me "Roddo", others soon followed. Up to today, I am using this name for my basketball jerseys. Currently, I have three basketball jerseys with this name.

3. roddovic. In the group I worked with in my current company, people called each other "bitch." No harm is intended in this name-calling. I guess we just thought it was cool calling each other bitches (probably quite immature, but we're young and fun loving). After sometime, we started to attach the word bitch as a suffix to our names. Since I am sometimes also called roddo, they called me roddovic.

4. roddolicious. The nickname roddolicious is used by only one person in the company (Julievic). I forgot why she did. Maybe it's because of this. lol.

5. roddominating. I chose the name roddominating in DoTA to add a little fun in the name I use. Unfortunately, with my performance in each game, "roddominated" would have been more appropriate.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

photo contests

When I first got a hold of my Canon Digital Rebel XT, one my first thoughts was how I could make money out of it. It's not that I did not love the idea of capturing moments. But the thing was relatively expensive especially for one of my stature, and it may be difficult to sustain it just as a hobby. (These were my thoughts back when I was not yet even aware of the existence of expensive L lenses and full-frame camera bodies, which are definitely many many times more expensive.)

In my search for a way to generate funds from my camera to be able to buy expensive lenses and other accessories or maybe even a full frame body, I came across a book with a good enough title that I bought it for 1295 PHP! The book's title was "Making Money from PHOTOGRAPHY in every conceivable way" by Steve Bavister.

One of the ways that Bavister mentioned was through winning competitions. And true enough, in my tenure as a camera owner, I have learned of at least 20 photocontests with prizes ranging from 10,000-50,000 PHP. In his book, Bavister outlined ten rules for winning competitions:
1. Be constantly on the lookout for competitions.
2. Read the rules carefully.
3. Whenever possible, shoot specifically for the competition.
4. Make sure your entry does not have any technical faults.
5. Try to come up with something special.
6. Actually submit your work.
7. Make your entry as attractive as possible.
8. Put your contact details.
9. Beware of competitions that require you to sign away your copyright.
10. Keep a competition diary.

I would say that these are relatively common-sensical. But I think it helps.

Unfortunately, to this date, I have never won any photo contest nor submitted an entry for any of them. But I'm still always on the lookout, checking if any of my existing photos will be worthy as an entry. I even sometimes think so hard what shots I would take for the contest. Maybe, the next time I come across a contest, I should actually submit an entry if a bright idea comes. Currently, I am thinking of concepts or photo ideas for these contests:

Go Beyond the Stick Photo Contest
Water is Life Photo Contest
"Walang Ganyan sa States" Photo Contest
Sand, Sun and Snapshots

Hopefully I'll be able to submit an entry for any one of these.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

the jump shot

The jump shot is probably already a cliche in photo albums. Nonetheless, it is still one of the most difficult photograph to take. It requires persistence, timing, speed, and sometimes, a relatively expensive piece of equipment.
Persistence - quite often, it requires more than one jump to obtain the perfect shot: where everyone is elevated and at the peak of their jump.

Timing - the photographer must make sure that at the moment the shutter is pressed, everyone in the frame is elevated from the ground. Sometimes, it is also required that the photographer consider the amount of delay between the actual exposure and the pressing of the shutter. This is almost certainly true for point and shoot cameras, where the delay is quite noticeable. The photos above were taken using a Powershot A590IS. Among several attempts, only one photo was successful. It was probably a combination of luck, Jay's accurate consideration of the camera delay, and my relatively high jump.

Speed - the shutter speed of the camera should be fast enough to make the jumpers seemingly still. This requires sufficient lighting or a large aperture opening. I wanted to show a jump shot taken in low light to demonstrate how blurred it will be due to the motion of the subject, but I don't have such photo right now.

Expensive equipment - when persistence, timing and speed is an issue, a relatively expensive piece of equipment can be a life saver when taking the jump shot. A Canon Digital Rebel XT for instance with a shooting speed of 3 frames per second can lessen the timing requirement. Furthermore, it's unnoticeable delay between shutter press and exposure allows better accuracy. Even better than the Rebel XT is the Canon 40D with a shooting speed of 6.5 fps or Mark3 at 8.5 fps! A fast lens (which is also expensive) can also help in the speed department with its large aperture opening.

Anyway, here are some of the jump shots that I'll be using as a friendster photo. Thanks to Marci and Jay for being my background. I would've chosen the photos with all of us flying but I wanted to feel special. haha. :P

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

the real zambales trip

Despite the sleeplessness, despite the long hours of waiting and anticipation, despite the uncertainty of whether the Tamarraw FX would make it to Zambales without overheating, despite the anxiety over our electronic gadgets getting wet, despite the tediousness of preparing our meals, despite the cold of the night, despite the heat of the night inside the tent and despite the sun burns, the crazy six's* Zambales trip was an overall success.

The crazy six is composed of Hans, JB, Marci, Dessa, Jay and yours truly.
Photo taken using Canon Digital Kiss X, Sigma 70-300 mm lens
and RC-1 remote control.

I can't express in words the joy of riding the small boats going to Capones island, of soaking in the salty waters of the South China sea, of snorkeling and seeing the Zebra fish, of preparing our meals(main course:barbeque, omelet, corned beef + soup!), of lying down and gazing at the vast universe, of seeing such a wonderful island, of witnessing a beautiful sun rise, and of course, of jumping in front of the camera to have others take my favorite jump shot.

Photo taken by Marvin Jay using Canon Powershot A590IS
with 32MB MMC card in 640x480 resolution. hahaha.

It's just so bad that I did not bring my camera. That's why I can't post any decent pics. I'll just be posting in the future the photos from Dessa's, JB's and Han's cameras when they provide the copy. Too bad also, The Girlfriend wasn't able to come. But she has no regrets. Had she come with us, she wouldn't have experienced their brand new black Isuzu Sportivo.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

zambales(day 1)

3:26 AM - still here, in the place I'd like to call "my pad". We were supposed to leave for Zambales about 4 hours ago, but apparently we can't yet due to several reasons.
While waiting, we played with my mother's new Canon A590IS (Just got them yesterday). I really love the timer feature where you can set the number of shots it will take and the delay in between shots. My Rebel XT didn't have such feature. We set it to 10 shots with delay of 1 second. Im posting only 9 photos to have good symmetry in the collection.

Hopefully I'll be posting real Zambales pictures on Monday.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

the best chocolates in the world

I'm talking about Royce.
Yesterday, The Girlfriend arrived from a business trip in Japan and brought them as pasalubong.
Here are some photos I took before I devoured them.

Photos taken using Canon Digital Rebel XT, 18-55 mm kit lens and 430EX Speedlite.
Trivia: Nikon uses Speedlight as the brand name for their flash units. I dunno which company "imitated" the other.

Friday, April 4, 2008

hello world!

In a couple of months, I'll be leaving The Company.
And there are plenty of concerns going through my head.
One of which is what to do next.
And I thought, I'd probably need a past time when I am not hired right away.
The Girlfriend has also been blogging for quite some time already.
And I probably need to practice my English if I want to pursue a career in the academe.
So, here I am. With my first blog entry.
... But I am also thinking, maybe it'd be better if I put in more pictures than words since I'm also into photography.
Maybe I can feature some of the best photos from our Wedding Photography Biz...
Maybe I can also put my gadget wish list...
Anyhoo, bahala na!